Staveley Whisky Cabinet

Inspired by the Arts and Crafts style and made during Davids’ sabbatical at the world renowned ‘Waters and Acland Fine Furniture School’ the exquisite bow fronted drinks cabinet is made from carefully selected quarter sawn English oak with Walnut detailing and lined with aromatic Cedar of Lebanon. Hand cut show joinery is celebrated throughout the piece and along with the sensitive choice of native timbers reflects the warm mellow and complex tones of the fine Whisky held within. Handmade glass door panels and shelving, created by local Lakeland glass artists Jo Vincent, beautifully complement the piece. Motion sensor activated internal lighting allows illumination and appreciation on the glass panel striations and offer the collector an intriguing hint of the pleasures to be found within. A traditionally made draw hidden within the elegant cabinet stand adds a useful storage opportunity for tasting notes and reference guides.