Verso Table Lamp

The Verso Table lamp, is the second in a limited edition series created locally by fine furniture maker David Waite of Four Limes Design based just outside Canterbury.  The lamps twisted hexagonal design tapers subtly throughout its length providing a visually pleasing and elegant overall effect .  Each lamp is individually crafted using both machine and hand tools to form the six sweeping tapering curved faces of the lamp stand.  Birds Eye Maple veneers are then carefully applied to the lamps wooden core and these are then carefully shaped and sanded to its final form.   The birds eye figure is thought to be caused by unfavourable growing conditions for the tree. The Sugar Maple attempts to start numerous new buds to get more sunlight, but with poor growing conditions the new shoots are aborted, and afterward a number of tiny knots remain.  A hand rubbed oil finish brings out the stunning figure of the timber.  Brass hardware, a high quality Italian fabric braided flex cable and a linen drum lampshade complete this elegant piece.